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  • Private gas industry
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  •  Most of the rest of the gas company for the annual output value of industrial gases in millions or tens of millions of yuan repackaging leading private enterprises, one hundred million yuan only zhejiang linhai, heilongjiang dawn gas, shandong longkou east China gas, nanjing, jiangsu province, suzhou Jin Hong, sichuan overseas source gas, such as guangdong huate gas belong to this category of "best"!
    Industry dominated by the quantity of gas companies usually industrial gas accounted for over 90% of the proportion of the total sales, and walt industrial gases, special gases, gas equipment and engineering accounted for about 50% of total sales, respectively, 35%, 15%, the proportion in the national gas field is rare, walter can locate gas supplier for a comprehensive, can provide users from all walks of life with all gas and gas equipment and engineering package solution.
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