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  • The vacancy of electronic gas is too large to meet the market demand.
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  •  Along with the development of the global semiconductor industry, semiconductor materials has become a 21st century information society and the era of big data base material of high and new technology industry, its development of high-speed computing, large capacity of information communication, storage, processing, electronic countermeasures, weapons and equipment of miniaturization and intelligent, and even the development of national economy and national security has very important significance.

    Electronic gases as great scale integrated circuit, plane display device, compound semiconductor devices, solar cells, optical fiber and other electronic industrial production in one of the indispensable foundation and supporting materials, is widely used in film, etching, doping, vapor deposition, diffusion process, without these basic raw materials, its downstream IC, LCD/LED, photovoltaic solar power will not be able to manufacture, import equipment normal capacity cannot be released, so our manufacture cost will be a few raw materials supplier control, therefore the development of China's electronic gases for the semiconductor industry plays an important role in the development.
    1. Global market analysis of semiconductor materials and requirements of semiconductor development on electronic gases
    1. Global semiconductor material market analysis
    Global semiconductor revenue is expected to exceed $400 billion for the first time in 2017, reaching $401.4 billion, up 18.4 percent from 2016, according to research by Gartner, a leading global information technology research and consultancy. The global semiconductor market sales volume in 2016 was us $343.5 billion, up 2.6% from us $334.9 billion in 2015. According to the latest statistics released by the international semiconductor equipment materials industry association (SEMI), the global semiconductor materials market revenue in 2016 was usd 44.3 billion, an increase of 2.3% compared with 2015. Among them, the market of wafer manufacturing materials is 24.7 billion us dollars, and the market of packaging materials is 19.6 billion us dollars, up 3.1 percent and 1.4 percent respectively compared with 2015. Among them, Taiwan is worth 9.79 billion us dollars, accounting for 22.1% of the total. It has been the largest market for seven consecutive years. South Korea, North America and Europe all saw modest growth, while China's market share rose 8% from a year earlier. Show the rise of China's semiconductor market, the future of China based on the general market consumer groups, is expected to maintain growth, 2015 and 2016 regional semiconductor materials market scale in the following table.
    Market size of semiconductor materials in various regions in 2015 and 2016 (unit: us $100 million)
    Note: source: international semiconductor equipment materials industry association (SEMI). The amount and percentage may be inconsistent due to rounding. Other regions include Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, other parts of southeast Asia and smaller global markets.
    2. Development trend of semiconductor integrated circuits
    IC industry according to Moore's law continues to develop, shrinking process node, samsung today have mastered 7 nm, 10 nm TSMC has production, 3 d chip technology has become more and more mature, the overall trend for the line width more and more narrow, more and more 3 d NAND layer. Along the Moore's law for decades, the integrated circuit industry, integrated circuit process node is 1971 mm (one percent), 10 microns, TSMC will start production this year 10 nanometer (million one hundred thousandth of a millimeter), technology node to one over one thousand, means of transistor to one over one million. The development trend of semiconductor technology at home and abroad in recent years is shown in figure 1.
    Semiconductor development requires electronic gases
    Along with the development of semiconductor integrated circuit technology, the electronic gas purity and quality requirements more and more high, at present, the electronic gases in our development goal is to increase the rate of breed, increase production, improve the localization, and to the completion of the gas production and application of a full set of technology development goals, technology include: high-risk, flammable and explosive, corrosive and toxic gas purification, monitoring, filling, transportation, storage technology, and safety, environmental protection technology, distribution technology, recycling and reuse technology, etc.
    To improve the efficiency of using mixture at the same time, solve the safe use and transport of electronic gases, especially the problem of high purity fluorine, to promote the use of green gas, and meet the requirement of lowering the cost of processing waste gas and environmental protection, and to determine high purity electronic gas development direction is: green gas, field technology and recycling technology.
    Ii. Current situation of China's electronic gas development
    1. Development of China's integrated circuit industry
    As a major manufacturer of electronic products in the world, China's electronic information industry has rapidly improved its global status in recent years, and its industrial chain has become increasingly mature, providing opportunities for the development of China's integrated circuit industry. Especially in 2014 the national IC industry promote the outline of the detailed rules for the fall to the ground, the localization of large scale integrated circuit has been listed as the Chinese government in the long-term development planning, big fund project launch, where the funds have been set up, various enterprises in the ministry of science and technology 02 special and integrated circuit material and parts industry technology innovation strategic alliance and support of the joint efforts of integrated circuit manufacturers, after nearly 10 years efforts, China has initially formed the integrated circuit industry, manufacturing, materials and spare parts supply chain and promote China's integrated circuit industry entered a new golden development, The Chinese market has become one of the main drivers of the growth of the global integrated circuit market.
    Integrated circuit has been occupying 80% of its sales, semiconductor products is more than 90% in recent years, the business scale is far more than in the semiconductor discrete devices, optoelectronic devices and sensors three niche, has long dominated the industry most of the size of the market, has broad market space, shows a tendency of rapid growth in recent years. So far, it is predicted that the domestic integrated circuit industry will reach 535.52 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 23.5% over the previous year.
    2. Development status of semiconductor materials in China
    Semiconductor materials are essential basic materials in the manufacturing process. They are the upstream industry in the manufacturing process and the upstream of the entire industrial chain. The integrated circuit industry cannot be separated from the support of materials. There are dozens of main raw materials needed in the manufacturing process of integrated circuits. The quality and supply of materials have a direct impact on the quality and competitiveness of integrated circuits. At present, the main materials of IC manufacturing include silicon, mask, electron gas, process chemicals, photoresist, polishing materials, target materials, packaging materials, etc. The total market of China's wafer manufacturing electronic materials reached 34.303 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 6.9% over 2015, and it is expected to reach 35.936 billion yuan in 2017.
    3. Development status of electronic gases in China
    Electronic gases in China are the second largest market demand for semiconductor materials after silicon chips and silicon-based materials, and the domestic market demand for electronic gases in 2016 is 4.802 billion, accounting for 14%. According to the statistics of global semiconductor association, there are more than 60 kinds of pure electronic gas and 80 kinds of mixed gas. China electronic gas after nearly 10 years of development, the domestic have produced some of the production quality is stable, can be accepted by the semiconductor customers electron gas production enterprises, however, compared with the huge and rapidly growing domestic demand is not enough, according to the incomplete statistics, from 2012 to 2012, the domestic electronic gas enterprise actual production sales accounted for wafer manufacturing electronic gas market demand in China increased from 3.8% to 25.0%, in 2017 is expected to increase to 28.4%, although had greater development and progress, but total domestic electronic gas production far can't satisfy the domestic market demand.
    2 foreign electronic gas enterprises are large multinational companies, with strong power and technology accumulation, business scope wide, can provide a lot of gas service for enterprise packaging at the same time, with strong competitiveness. Compared with large foreign companies, domestic electronic gas production enterprises have a large gap and a huge development space.
    At present domestic electronic gas development embodied in: a. industry as A whole scale is not large, localization rate is low, enterprise scale is small, the lack of LingJunXing enterprise, easy to foreign big companies is excluded and suppressed; B. The new materials and technologies in high-end manufacturing are insufficient, and the gas types with low technical threshold are largely rebuilt and expanded, resulting in serious disordered competition. C. some electronic gas enterprises is a large chemical industry or industrial gas transformation, the quality level of safety management consciousness, management concept and does not reach the designated position, cause individual poor product quality stability.
    To sum up, our country electron gas is still belongs to the development of electronic materials, need to focus on the development, it is recommended that: countries should implement and improve the fiscal and taxation, capital of the enterprise and so on preferential policy support, increase the fiscal funds, funds and financial sector support, guide the integrated circuit manufacturers to use domestic electronic gases, so as to help enterprises to grasp the development opportunities and accelerate the technological progress of enterprises and become bigger and stronger; Enterprises should make efforts to improve technological innovation and management level, strengthen quality control, and serve customers with excellent products.
    Institute of China shipbuilding industry corporation DiQiYiBa (hereinafter referred to as: the Chinese 718) adhere to the depth of civil-military integration, continuous technological innovation, breach the technical bulwark, successively developed the high purity nitrogen trifluoride, tungsten hexafluoride gas and fluorine mesylate three series of products, and to realize large-scale production, filled the domestic blank, breaking the foreign enterprises of nitrogen trifluoride, the price of tungsten hexafluoride control, enhances the downstream products in the international market competitiveness, for the development of the domestic semiconductor and liquid crystal panel industry has made outstanding contributions.
    So far nitrogen trifluoride, tungsten hexafluoride capacity in the near future will be up to 9000 tons/year, 1300 tons/year, the two products production scale in domestic first, the world's top three, basic all entered the domestic semiconductor, LCD and solar industry manufacturers and global well-known semiconductor manufacturers, such as TSMC, Romania, hynix, Intel, Toshiba, samsung, smic, group of optoelectronics, Beijing Oriental, cec, huaxing photoelectric international and domestic well-known large semiconductor factory and LCD factory are in use. Now timing by the Chinese in the 718 s, continues to make technological innovation, accelerate the construction of production capacity, in 2020 the nitrogen trifluoride and tungsten hexafluoride to expand capacity to 16000 tons/year, 2000 tons/year, and is committed to building as the world's electronics &specialty gases materials production service providers.
    In addition, the Chinese national ministry of science and technology since 2013, approved by the 718 02 special "r&d and industrialization of high purity electronic gas" project after project, began to engage in SiF4, C2F6, C3F8, C4F8, HF, HCl, COF2 seven electronic gas and including r&d and industrialization of ten kinds of mixed gas. At present, the above gas research and development work has been completed smoothly, most of the domestic famous semiconductor enterprises have passed the test, and actively achieve mass production.
    In short, China electronic gas industry is still in the early stages of development, the overall industry on a smaller scale, individual enterprise strength is insufficient, while China's semiconductor industry from billions of support programs, made in China to 2025, coincided with a new growth point of the rise of gestation period, so China electronic gas industry is facing unprecedented opportunities for development. It is hoped that all electronic gas enterprises will accelerate their forward layout, strengthen technological innovation, accelerate their application and promotion, and actively develop and expand. It is also hoped that all competent departments, investment units and semiconductor enterprises can attach great importance to it and make greater contributions to the improvement of China's industrial chain of integrated circuit materials and components and the development of semiconductors.
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