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  • Zhejiang xiyate electronic materials co., LTD. Is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested and built for hangzhou wanda gas co., ltd. to transform and upgrade itself into the information electronic special gas industry. The registered capital of the company is 20 million yuan, with a total investment of 150 million yuan.
    Companies with the development of national electronic materials industry, to ensure the safety of national information industry as its mission, to create a high level of Chinese electronic chemical material production and service platform, efforts to become an international influence, and respectable industry of electronic chemical materials enterprises in China.
    The company independent development, international professional technical team, the integration of domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities of technology, relying on zhejiang quzhou JuHua various resources around, basis supporting facilities such as state-level high-tech zone, formed the ultra high purity electronic gases, high purity electronic chemical materials packaging and electronic industry sectors such as gas test center.